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information on obtaining a massachusetts drinking water license:


MWWA offers the Basic Treatment, Advanced Treatment and Distribution prerequisite courses required to sit for the Grade 2 or higher exams.  The courses are offered in the spring and fall and locations vary.  We advertise these courses on our homepage.  To view the complete list of Board of Certification approved prerequisite courses, click here.  

Looking to become a Drinking Water Operator? 

Review our information sheet on understanding the pathway to becoming an operator here.  

MA Board of Licensure: — We suggest that you navigate around this website for the board's policies, regulations, exam calendar and other important information. This is the website of the MA board that licenses all water system operators.

Board of Certification of Operators of Drinking Water Supply Facilities Policy for Training Requirements to Sit for Exams

Operator Exam Test Development:

Within the above web site, you will find a list of links including this web address: this website has information pertaining to study materials and exam topics. You will want to navigate around this website to become familiar with ABC's test topics and recommended review materials. Specifically you will want to look for the "Need-to-Know" Criteria and the Exam References and Study Materials.

Operator Exam Test Administrator:

The website that has the information on how to register is: Tests | PSI Online (  Click on the Candidates link on the home page and it will walk you through the steps to register for the exam. You will be able to take a computerized exam at PSI locations throughout New England.

Information on Submitting the License Application to the Board of Certification:

  • Worksheet for determining the appropriate type and grade of license that you wish to apply for.  Click here
  • Important reminders when completing the application.  Click here
  • Sample license applications. Click here

Exam Passing Rates - Historical Charts (produced by MWWA Education Committee)

Practice Web Test Demo:
You can purchase a practice Very Small System exam to see how questions are formatted.  Find more information here.  
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For a list of MWWA's course policies, please click here.

operator quiz corner answers:


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